Build Your Transition Plan

The materials linked below are designed to aid preparers to build robust and credible transition plans. This includes the final TPT Disclosure Framework, how the TPT fits into the global landscape of transition plans, Implementation Guidance and Sector Guidance.

The TPT Disclosure Framework

Download the TPT Disclosure Framework, which sets out good practice for robust and credible transition plan disclosures.

TPT in the Global Landscape

Read more about the international landscape on transition plan disclosures.

Read more about how the TPT Disclosure Framework relates to key global and international frameworks and standards (incl. ISSB, TCFD, and ESRS)

Download the TPT’s paper on the opportunities and challenges relating to the use of private sector transition plans in emerging markets and developing economies. 

Download the Status Update from the Transition Plan Taskforce, July 2023

Implementation Guidance

Explore and download additional guidance on each TPT Sub-Element, covering why it’s included, additional disclosure considerations, and examples.

Explore and download our guidance on how to start or continue your transition planning journey, including references to useful resources and case studies. 

Read more about the implications of English law and EU law for publishing a transition plan in accordance with the TPT Disclosure Framework. 

Explore case studies and examples relating to elements of the TPT Disclosure Framework and the Transition Planning Cycle.

View additional resources from third parties to support you as you build your transition plan.

Sector Guidance

The Sector Summary provides high-level guidance for 30 financial and real economy sectors, including recognised decarbonisation levers, metrics & targets, and key sources of guidance.

The Sector Deep Dives are for seven sectors: Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Banks, Electric Utilities & Power Generators, Food & Beverage, Metals & Mining, and Oil & Gas.

Advisory Papers from the TPT Working Groups

Download the final output of the TPT Adaptation Working Group.

Download the final outputs of the TPT Just Transition Working Group. 

Download the final output of the TPT Nature Working Group. 

Download the final output of the TPT SME Advisory Group.