Explore the Disclosure Recommendations

Explore additional guidance each TPT Sub-Element, covering why it’s included, additional disclosure considerations, as well as examples.


The TPT Disclosure Framework provides a structure that enables an entity to communicate how its climate targets and transition plan align with its strategy. The TPT’s Framework should support external users and preparers alike.

This guidance steps through the TPT Disclosure Framework and provides guidance on why each Element and Sub-Element is important to users. This is accompanied by additional disclosure considerations that preparers may want to take into account when preparing their disclosures. In some areas, this guidance is supplemented by examples of how entities are currently disclosing related information in transition plans or other climate-related disclosures. Readers should note that transition planning is an emerging space in which current practice is rapidly evolving.

The TPT will therefore continue to update the guidance and examples provided ahead of publishing it’s final Implementation Guidance in Q1 2024.

1. Foundations

1.1 Strategic Ambition
1.2 Business model and value chain
1.3 Key assumptions and external factors 

2. Implementation Strategy

2.1 Business operations
2.2 Products and services
2.3 Policies and conditions
2.4 Financial Planning

3. Engagement Strategy

3.1 Engagement with value chain
3.2 Engagement with industry
3.3 Engagement with government, public sector, communities, and civil society

4. Metrics and Targets

4.1 Governance, engagement, business and operational metrics and targets
4.2 Financial metrics and targets
4.3 GHG metrics and targets
4.4 Carbon credits

5. Governance

5.1 Board oversight and reporting
5.2 Management roles, responsibility and accountability
5.3 Culture
5.4 Incentives and remuneration
5.5 Skills, competencies and training


The drafting of Explore the Disclosure Recommendations was led by the Framework & Guidance Workstream of the TPT Delivery Group, with input and review from members of the TPT Sandbox and Delivery Group. 

The TPT would like to thank the co-chairs of the Workstream, Mark Manning (FCA) and Matt Scott (CGFI) as well as all members of the Steering Group, Delivery Group and Framework & Guidance Workstream. In particular, the TPT would like to thank the following for their support in the drafting of Explore the Disclosure Recommendations: Phil Delaney (FCA), and TPT Secretariat authors Max Rose and Ira Poensgen.