Get Involved

The TPT encourages market participants and other stakeholders to provide comments and feedback on the proposed TPT Disclosure Framework and Implementation Guidance. There are two main ways to get involved in the TPT process:

Respond to our consultation

The TPT welcomes all stakeholders to provide feedback via a consultation survey. The survey will be open for responses until 28th February 2023.

If you wish to preview the questions, a PDF version of the survey is available for download here.

The TPT will carefully consider all responses before publishing a final version of the framework in 2023.

Join the Online Sandbox

The TPT has launched an Online Sandbox which will allow all organisations that are preparing transition plans to provide feedback on their experiences in applying some or all of the TPT’s Disclosure Framework and Implementation Guidance.

If your organisation is developing or planning to develop a transition plan, we encourage you to participate in the Online Sandbox.

The TPT plans to convene the preparers who have participated in the Online Sandbox at an in-person reception in London in the new year.