How do TPT transition plan resources apply for my sector?

The TPT’s core Disclosure Framework is sector-neutral and can be used by any sector. We also provide additional sector guidance to help those in different sectors to better interpret the disclosure framework for their sector.

The TPT Sector Summary outlines decarbonisation levers and metrics & targets for 40 sectors. The guidance leverages existing third-party guidance and has been reviewed by experts from financial institutions, corporates, civil society and academia.

The TPT Sector Deep Dives are sector specific guidance that helps preparers to interpret the disclosure framework for 7 specific sectors: Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Banks, Electric Utilities & Power Generators, Food & Beverage, Metals & Mining, and Oil & Gas.

Each sector guidance document is accompanied by a short explainer presentation which details this sector’s Sector Guidance for preparers and users of transition plans to help them interpret the disclosure framework for their sector.

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Noting that the consultations on both of the above are now closed. You can contact if you have any queries.

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