Meet the Secretariat Team at COP28

Members of the TPT Secretariat will be present at this year’s UNFCCC Conference of Parties in Dubai, hosting and participating in several events. Other members of organisations involved in the Transition Plan Taskforce will also be there in person.

If you would like to meet with the TPT Secretariat team, please contact them either directly via email or LinkedIn if you are already connected with them, or please email the TPT at

Events co-hosted by the TPT Secretariat team:

Transition Plans: Mobilising Capital for the Global Transition.
4th December – Finance Day – 16.00-16.45 – UK Pavilion – Blue Zone.
This event, led by the Transition Plan Taskforce Co-Heads, and featuring a variety of expert voices will discuss how transition plans, a private sector tool whose use is rapidly growing, can be used at both the institutional and national level to create the right incentives to mobilise sustainable investment, including into emerging and developing economies. The event will be livestreamed by the UK Pavilion team.


Transition Planning Workshop
5th December – 14.30-16.00 – Heriot Watt Campus, Dubai. – Hosted by ICAEW, A4S and TPT.
This workshop, led by ICAEW and Accounting for Sustainability (A4S), along with Nina Pimblett, Sector Guidance Lead, TPT Secretariat, will provide finance and accounting professionals with an understanding of the role they can play in the development and implementation of a net zero transition plan, alongside practical steps that they can take immediately. It will cover leading frameworks and guidance and what they mean, including the finance and real economy transition planning recommendations by GFANZ and the Transition Plan Taskforce’s sector neutral Disclosure Framework and supporting guidance. Register interest at


Climate transition planning and disclosure: Getting it right.
5th December – 12.30-13.15 – Climate Action Stage – Climate Action Innovation Zone –   Led by TPT Secretariat in partnership with ICAEW, and Accounting for Sustainability (A4S).
Effective climate transition planning requires organisations, governments, and societies to develop strategies for how they will adapt to a low-carbon economy while mitigating the risks associated with climate change. Transition is not just about reducing your own emissions; it’s also about using the levers you have available to support the transition of the broader economy and create new opportunities in a rapidly evolving landscape. Disclosure is a critical step of the transition planning process. Transparency allows for accountability, by providing stakeholders, including investors, regulators, and the public, with clear, comprehensive, and accurate information regarding entities’ plans and progress towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

  • What are the key characteristics of a credible and robust climate transition plan?
  • How can climate transition plans effectively drive the transition to a net-zero, resilient economy while protecting the natural environment?


Transition Plans: a tool for ambition, action and accountability.
6th December – 10.35-10.50 – Sustainable Finance Forum – Climate Leader Insight |  Fireside Chat Jacques Morris, Team Lead, TPT Secretariat, with David Carlin, Head of Climate Risk and TCFD, UNEP-FI.
There is increasing momentum across the globe for credible private sector transition planning processes and disclosures. This conversation will cover what a ‘best practice’ climate transition plan looks like and how it can be used to as a tool to support the transition to a net-zero, resilient world. Hosted by PRI and UNEP-FI. Climate Action Innovation Zone.

Other events:

There are numerous events focused on transition plans at this year’s COP in all event zones and in many pavilions. TPT Secretariat will be attending and participating in many of these events along with other members of the Transition Plan Taskforce.

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