Sector Guidance

The TPT’s sector guidance complements the TPT Disclosure Framework. This includes the TPT Sector Summary which outlines decarbonisation levers and metrics & targets for 40 sub-sectors, and TPT Sector Deep Dives for seven sectors to be published in November.

TPT Sector Summary

The TPT’s Sector Summary complements the TPT Disclosure Framework and supports preparers and users to navigate transition plans across the economy. 

The TPT Sector Summary outlines decarbonisation levers and metrics & targets for 40 sectors. The guidance leverages existing third-party guidance and has been reviewed by experts from financial institutions, corporates, civil society and academia. 

The sector classification used by the TPT Sector Summary aligns with existing standards. For real-economy sectors, the guidance is aligned to the SASB Sustainability Industry Classification System (SICS), used by the ISSB. For financial sectors, the guidance is aligned to the the sector classification used by the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) and Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero’s (GFANZ).

The Sector Summary was open for comment until Friday 24 November and, following consideration of the feedback received, will be updated in February. Thank you to the industry experts who provided comments.

In November, the TPT published seven pieces of Sector Deep Dive guidance for consultation. The Sector Deep Dive guidance will cover: Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Banks, Food & Beverage, Electric Utilities & Power Generators, Metals & Mining, and Oil & Gas.


The drafting of the TPT Sector Summary was led by the Sector Workstream of the TPT Delivery Group, with input and review from financial institutions, corporates, civil society, and academia.

The TPT would like to thank the co-chairs of the Workstream, Julie Baddeley (Chapter Zero) and David Harris (London Stock Exchange Group), as well as all members of the Steering Group, Delivery Group and Sector Workstream.

In particular, the TPT would like to thank the following people for their support in the drafting of the TPT Sector Summary: Sora Utzinger (Aviva Investors), Andy Ross (CDP), Alison Midgley (EY), Abigail Bernabe (LGIM), Sebastian Carpanini (London Stock Exchange Group), Alonso Lanzagorta (Oliver Wyman), Raj Singh (Phoenix Group), Valeria Piani (Phoenix Group), Rory Cronin (Unilever)Nitika Agarwal (WWF UK), Nick Molho and Tony Rooke. Lead authors of the Sector Summary from TPT Secretariat were Alexander Schlatter, Ben Gilbey, Nina Pimblett and Abigail Bernabe.