Transition Plan Sandbox to accelerate new capabilities that can support users and preparers of transition plans

At COP27 the TPT launched a Sandbox to test the TPT Disclosure Framework and Implementation Guidance. We are now expanding the Transition Plan Sandbox to accelerate new capabilities that can support users (e.g. investors, banks, analytics providers) and preparers (e.g. firms) of transition plans.

New capabilities might include:

  • Tools, metrics, and datasets to support the analysis of transition plans
  • Robust verification and assurance of transition plans
  • Digital tagging of transition plans
  • The translation of transition plans into financial analysis
  • Approaches to disclosing underlying assumptions in a consistent way

We are inviting developers of new capabilities to become part of the Transition Plan Sandbox. The aim of the Sandbox is to support the scaling of capabilities by bringing developers, whether commercial or non-commercial, together with users and preparers of transition plans, as well as with other experts.

The TPT Secretariat will do this in a systematic way to help developers test, refine, and scale their commercial and/or non-commercial capabilities. We will also help to signpost and guide developers towards partners that can support the commercialisation and/or adoption of their products or services.

While we strongly encourage applications from developers working to create capabilities in the areas listed above, we will also consider proposals from other domains.

Benefits of participation

Developers participating in the Sandbox can expect to benefit from:

  • Facilitated access to preparers and users of transition plans to help test, refine, and scale capabilities 
  • Access to matchmaking and showcasing events
  • Signposting to datasets, models and tools, including through the UK Centre for Greening Finance and Investment (CGFI)
  • Access to expertise from TPT and CGFI experts


  • The deadline to submit a proposal is 31st May 2023. The TPT Secretariat will then review proposals and contact the owners of proposals that are to be taken forward.
  • TPT Secretariat will propose a process for each successful proposal, where developers are given facilitated introductions and signposting to a) users and preparers to help them test, refine and scale their capabilities, b) datasets, models and tools relevant to their project, and c) mentorship opportunities.
  • The TPT Secretariat will invite developers to participate in events to facilitate collaboration and showcase their work. One event will take place in summer 2023 and another in winter 2023.

How to submit a proposal

Please submit a short proposal here if you are a developer interested in taking part in the Sandbox. We are only able to support a finite number of proposals and these will be assessed by the TPT based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the TPT
  • Relevance to the required new capabilities set out above, or a strong justification for other capabilities needed to support users and preparers of transition plans
  • Likelihood of successfully scaling the preparation and use of high-quality transition plans

Proposals should be no longer than 500 words and should outline:

  • The problem you would like to address
  • How your capability will support users and preparers of transition plans
  • Relevant experience
  • Any additional organisations you propose to work with
  • Details of your organisation and whether the proposed capability is for profit or not-for-profit, and what, if any, public goods benefits there are from your proposal

Proposals should be submitted via this form.

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