TPT Workplan

The TPT’s key moments and methods of engagement


An indicative timeline of key moments in the TPT workplan which is non-exhaustive and subject to change

November 2021: TPT announced at COP26

April 2022: TPT begins operations

May - July 2022: Call for Evidence on a sector-neutral framework

October 2022: Sandbox begins on the TPT Disclosure Framework and Implementation Guidance, with focus on preparers of transition plans

November 2022: Consultation begins on the TPT Disclosure Framework and Implementation Guidance

28 February 2023: Consultation closes on the TPT Disclosure Framework and Implementation Guidance

March 2023: UK government publishes Green Finance Strategy, committing to consult on transition plan requirements for large listed and private companies and move to towards ISSB adoption

August 2023: FCA commits to consult on transition plan disclosures, drawing on the TPT Disclosure Framework, alongside consulting on implementing ISSB Standards

October 2023: Final Disclosure Framework and Implementation Guidance published. Sector Guidance Summary published for comment.

November 2023:  Consultation on Sector Deep Dives begins

January 2024: TPT begins contributing to the Transition Finance Market Review

April 2024: Final Technical Resources published, including final Sector Guidance, notes on Adaptation, Nature, Just Transition, SMEs and Emerging Markets & Developing Economies and final Implementation Guidance

Summer/Autumn 2024: Publication of the Forward Pathway and conclusion of the TPT’s work.

Market & civil society engagement

The TPT has engaged with other 600 organisations from finance, the real economy, civil society and academia to ensure technical rigour and usability of the TPT’s outputs. The TPT also launched a Sandbox with a group of FTSE 100 financial institutions and corporates to test the TPT’s outputs with both users and preparers in mind. 

Regulators and standard setters

Engagement with multilateral policy and regulatory forums, processes and initiatives, such as the ISSB, FSB, IOSCO, NGFS, the UN and GFANZ.


Engagement with governments, regulators and markets in other jurisdictions who are considering or implementing disclosure and transition plan requirements.  

Focus Topic Groups

The TPT set up working groups on nature, just transition and adaptation, as well as an advisory group on SMEs. Further expert advice on a range of topics has been received from academia, sector experts and civil society.